Oh!eaf x Takos Collection


This set includes one Embroidery Flower and one Mini Vase.

*Please select the colour of the embroidery flower you would like to purchase and indicate which mini vases you would like in your set during check out.



TAKOS is a Malaysia based online shop, expertise in handmade embroidery products. The designs are inspired from all the beautiful things around us. Our product is more on minimalistic style, like the simple lifestyle we yearning. We do handmade embroidery on tote, pouch, badges and etc. Every pieces is unique because it's handmade with love. Hope that you can find some product that suits you well here!


About oh!eaf Mini Vase

Our range of mini-vases are perfect for display on your coffee table or office desk. Each mini-vase is 100% handmade and may differ based on the creation processes. At times the product outcome would even (pleasantly) surprise our team by its texture and colour!

Diameter ~4cm
Height ~5cm

Mini Vase + Embroidery Flower Set

  • As each product is handmade, the images shown on the website may differ slightly to the actual product.