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ohleaf x lú Drape Vase

The creation of this vase was inspired by a wabi-sabi approach, starting with a perfect digital design, then moving on to the creation of unique pieces. Each has its own characteristics borne by the handmade nature of moulding ceramics. Weaving the techniques of digital design, 3D printing and traditional craft of pour-moulding and firing ceramics, this drape vase was created. 


The vase’s glazed outer surface is characterised by a distinctive form, starting with a smooth opening leading to vertical drape lines running along and ending with a subtle aslant finish. Inspired by the flowing drapes of a long dress, the vase’s sculptural form is designed to make an impact with or without flowers. The slanted vertical line pattern gives the vessel a timeless and elegant look. Made of porcelain, the vase is available in an array of new colours.  

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