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The Wonder City is Truly Wonderful.(Part2)

Day6- A day spent in The Met Musuem

I guess one of the must-do activities in NYC is to visit their museums. We decided to spend half of our day to visit the famous The Met Museum. We didn't manage to visit all the exhibitions, only partly, because it is really super huge, and it will normally take you at least 3 days to finish the whole museum. The entry free is pay as you wish, but the recommended full admission is $25 per adult. We were very lucky on that day as the staffs assumed we were students(haha maybe we really look young!), so we only paid US$12/person. Once you stepped in the museum, be prepared to absorb the mega information & knowledges. It was a very interesting experience as You got to know the history of the past.

Day7- Take a walk on The Brooklyn Bridge

We have seen the Brooklyn Bridge many times in the movies. It just felt surreal to see it in real life.

We walked to Dumbo and Williamsburg after visiting the Brooklyn Bridge. They were numbers of indie bookstores and lifestyle concept shops are worth visiting! Just love the way they display the products and put them up together, it really made you want to own one like this!

Day8- Watch an Opera show when you in NYC

We started our day by visiting Greenwich Letterpress store. Greenwich Letterpress is a letterpress studio and stationery/gift shop located in the heart of New York City’s West Village. They specialize in letterpress weddings, letterpress baby announcements, letterpress stationery, and their own unique line of letterpress greeting cards. After that, We were just take our times to explore around the area.

15 Christopher Street New York, NY 10014

We backed to Broadway in the late afternoon as We decided to catch the famous opera show-The Phantom Of The Opera.

Day 9 - Grand Central Terminal, Central Park & MOMA

We didn't really have particular plan on that day except visiting the MoMA. One of the beauties of sightseeing in NYC is taking advantage of the FREE entry for MoMA on Friday(From 4pm-8pm). Just that You have to line up about half and hour to get in the museum.

Day 10 - Food fair and flea market at Willamsburg

This was probably my favourite day spent in NYC. We caught Smorgasburg flea food fair coincidently. We got attracted by the nice food smell even when we were still hundreds meters away. The crowd was crazy over there and We just couldn't decide which stalls to eat. The most impressive food We tasted was the grilled pork short rib. It was just so juicy and tender.

Day 11 - Got my first tattoo before I left NYC

My friend has always wanted to get a tattoo, and she kept saying this during the whole trip. Finally, after days of struggling, she got hers on the day before. Ever since she got her tattoo, she was trying to convince me to get mine too! To be honest, I was so afraid of the pain and I always told myself I will never ever got one for my entire life. Who knows, I broke my rule, and I ended up get my first ink on my right ankle with a sentence " Be True, Be Brave, Be You". I found this was quite a motivational and positive quote that I will never regret. It will definitely remind me of my NYC whenever I see the tattoo.

The good 11 days has past really fast. We have came to the end of our 3 weeks of US trip. Sadly, We got to back to reality again.

Thank you NYC for the wonderful 11 days! We will see you again!

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