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We are Oh!eaf, the eye and the voice behind #travelwithohleaf.


Basically, We love lifestyle shops, fashion, design and photography. We want to share with you all the stories we have which feed our minds. We hope to discover or rediscover those tiny corners of the world that full of surprise, inspiration and joy.

In our travel blog, We will select the most exciting spots to share the culture and exploration with you. There will be some popular travel places like London, New York, Hongkong, Tokyo, Paris, Taiwan, Moscow and Shanghai, as well as some legend and less famous place like Jingdezhen, Tibet, Pagan, Yunnan and road trip down to Route 66.


Exploring new places, engaging with local people and walk down to every streets has given us new insights about the world, and most importantly, about ourselves. 


We took all the pictures and sometimes we will be actually on the pictures. We also want you to share your stories with us and head down to the road together. 

Get your kick on Route 66 


11 April 2016


The legendary Historic Route 66 takes you from Grant Park Chicago to Santa Monica Pier. It becomes a shadow of its former self as the new highway system was built in 1980’s bypassing most of the towns located along the route. Sometimes you need to drive on the highway to get to the next town, but there are a few old towns that cling to the not so distant past and you can still drive along the old route to follow the history. The Historic Route 66 road trip took us about 6 days (about 3500km) and we stopped by about 15 towns throughout the whole journey. 

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