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With a strong connotation inspired by oriental porcelain, the series features four distinct designs that capture the minimalistic and elegant essence of the oriental design. Building on the technique for our mini vase, each piece was handcrafted with precision and completely coated in glaze by the talented artisan from Jingdezhen.


The wide rims provide room for mini bouquets, as well as diffuser sticks. It makes a wonderful interior decoration not only for arranging flowers but also for displaying on a tabletop or bookshelf. Find the perfect mini vase to accentuate your favorite flowers and add a little more color to your cozy space today. Balance between flowers and vase You can achieve a good balance by arranging the stems so that the height of the vase and the height of the visible part of the plant are in a 1:1 ratio. With small vases, you can make your interior a little more colorful. Fill the vases with beautiful pink peonies, even without flowers the vases are super nice decoration pieces.


About the Shape: Plum

We can’t call it the oriental collection without the signature Meiping vase, also known as the plum vase. It is one of the most classic forms of Chinese ceramics. 


We kept the sloping shoulders and the elegant body curve of the traditional vase shape, time was spent on redesigning the short neck with a wider rim so that you can have at least 3-4 stalks of small flowers for styling.

Diameter ~3cm
Height ~3.5-4.5cm

Oriental Mini Vase - Plum


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