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Each set contains 1 Mini Vase + 1 Flambe Glaze Mini Tray.

You can mix and match for the mini vase and Flambe Glaze Mini Tray.


*Kindly leave a message and indicate which mini vase and flambe glaze mini tray you will be getting upon check out. View our collection of min vases here and flambe mini trays here.


Our range of mini-vases are perfect for display on your coffee table or office desk. Each mini-vase is 100% handmade and may differ based on the creation processes. At times the product outcome would even (pleasantly) surprise our team by its texture and colour!

Mini Vase Size:
Diameter: ~4cm
Height: ~5cm


Mini Flambe Glaze Tray Size:

Diameter: 10cm

Height: 2cm

Special-Mini Vase + Flambe Glaze Mini Tray Set

Expected to be ship by the end of February 2023
  • As each product is handmade, the images shown on the website may differ slightly to the actual product.

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