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In this collection, we combined watercolour art of indoor greenery and functional design to achieve a lively mood that fills the space and welcomes nature indoors.
Each piece is hand-thrown and original leaf designs are hand-painted before being glazed. As the vases are organically made, each piece will adorn details only unique to itself — making each vase one of a kind.
The vases have also adapted a more traditional shape to accommodate fresh cut bouquet of flowers and even fragrance diffuser sticks.
Bring home a vase with the graphics of your choice and let them light up your living space for you.



Diameter: 7.5cm

Height: 13cm

Rim: 4.5cm


The Botanical Series -Monstera Leaves

Out of Stock
  • As each product is handmade, the images shown on the website may differ slightly to the actual product.

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