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Flambe Glaze Serving Plate

Our Flambe Glaze Series was inspired by the minimalistic form and was created with our own glaze recipe.


As we work towards perfecting our craft, we are also looking into improving the functionality of our products. This new series of Flambe Glaze plates offer a smooth concave surface from the well of the plate to its lips, better designed to hold and serve food. Its simple, classic round shape accentuates the intricate glaze designs inspired by picturesque nature sceneries.


The candid combination of nature-influenced glaze design and the new simplistic timeless plate shape brings about a calming atmosphere, elevating one’s dining experience.


Serving Plate Size:

Diameter ~14.5cm

Height ~2.0cm


*Please do take note that due to the hand-designed, unique nature of the pieces we create, the pictures are showing in the website may slightly vary from the real product.

Flambe Glaze Serving Plate-Hidden Blue(M)

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  • As each product is handmade, the images shown on the website may differ slightly to the actual product.

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