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Inspired by the strong connotation of oriental porcelain, we collaborate with talented perfumers to create essential oils featuring oriental spices, which will complement our mini vases.

Oriental Fragrance Set

  • Choose your own vase from the oriental vase collection, and leave us a note upon checkout.

    Choose your scent

    Tea Breeze for Summer Vibes

    Unwind with the refreshing aroma of red tea, where the plant blends with a hint of cardamom for a subtle smoky touch. The addition of sandalwood creates a uniquely dry, woody essence, turning those hot summer days into a whole lot more comfortable.

    Dreamy Garden Awakening

    A blend of osmanthus and sandalwood, it's both sweet and warm, with a touch of fresh lemon lingering in the air. It's like the birth of a bright and sunny teenage vibe in your garden sanctuary."

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