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Miniature, petite, yet full of elegance and detail - these mini vases come in various traditional vase shapes, perfect as a scenic display set for your living spaces. Each set comes with a mini bamboo tray!


Set A

ø 2.5cm x 3.0cm (H)

ø 2.0cm x 4.0cm (H)

ø 2.0cm x 3.5cm (H)


Set B

ø 2.1cm x 3.3cm (H)

ø 2.0cm x 3.5cm (H)

ø 2.2cm x 2.7cm (H)


Set C

ø 2.1cm x 2.9cm (H)

ø 1.6cm x 3.1cm (H)

ø 1.8cm x 3.2cm (H)


Set D

ø 1.9cm x 3.1cm (H)

ø 2.0cm x 2.9cm (H)

ø 2.0cm x 3.3cm (H)

Miniature Display Vases - Sets of 3


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