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The Tubular Series

The Tubular Series is an exclusive collaboration between Oh!eaf and Xiang Shang Ceramic Studio.


A smooth gradient between blue and dark green was used to bring attention to its minimalist aesthetic and the timeless shape of the vase. By playing with different shades of colors, the soft yet dynamic surface narrates the constant change in life, as well as the experience of stillness.


The smooth sandy-like surfaces and the clean lines of each piece showcase the exquisite craftsmanship of the makers and their signature techniques. 


Depending on the placement of the vase, you may choose to showcase a color that best suits your living spaces or your mood of the day. Its counterpart color can serve as a ‘shadow’ or a ‘highlight’ that further accentuates the vase. We recommend completing the look with bright and refreshing flowers and branches to create a modern display for your interior.



Diameter: 7cm

Height: 21cm

Vase Thickness: 0.5cm

The Tubular - Gradient Tall Vase (Blue/Green)

  • As each product is handmade, the images shown on the website may differ slightly to the actual product.

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